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About us

Kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle with Nutricbae

Our Story

Welcome to Nutric Bae!

Nutric Bae is a dedicated platform founded by Madhurima Das, a passionate and qualified  Dietician with over 5 years of experience in the field. With a strong background in weight management, disease management, and nutrition education, Madhurima has interned at renowned healthcare institutions such as Apollo Hospitals in Kolkata and BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals in Bangalore.

At Nutric Bae, we believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with proper nutrition. We are committed to providing personalized and science-based dietary solutions to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, manage a specific health condition, or simply enhance your overall well-being, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

With a wealth of experience in client handling, spanning over 3 years, we understand that every individual is unique. That's why we tailor our programs and counseling sessions to meet your specific needs, preferences, and challenges. We firmly believe in empowering you with the knowledge and skills to make sustainable and long-lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle.

At Nutric Bae, we combine evidence-based practices with a compassionate approach to ensure your success. Our goal is not only to help you achieve your desired outcomes but also to foster a positive and healthy relationship with food. We are dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Join us at Nutric Bae and take the first step towards a nourished and balanced life. Together, we'll make nutrition your best friend.


Weight Management

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Disease Management

Pregnancy Care

PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid

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